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  • Are purchasing enrollment for one person into a 12-Month full services travel agent training program, during which you will earn a commission on all "commissionable" travel, with unlimited support during normal business hours, access to our training webinars, sales assistance, and leads programs (once qualified) and,
  • Understand that you will be considered an Independent Contractor, and issued a 1099 for any commissions earned, and,
  • Understand that you will be required to complete and return the New Agent information and enrollment form, found HERE, and,
  • Understand that the $199.00 set-up fee is non-refundable, and is used to 1) Register you as an affiliated travel agent, so you can begin to earn travel agent benefits, 2) Conduct a limited background check, including credit report, and 3) to provide Errors & Omissions insurance, and,
  • Understand that your city and/or state may have specific, local laws and/or regulations covering home based travel sales, and that it is your responsibility to stay in compliance with any such laws or regulations.

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